A lot of people prefer to choose Vegetarian eating by avoiding all kinds of meats. Speaking about the Keto diet, means we are speaking about a kind of diet that includes a lot of meat. Do you think in this case vegetarians aren’t able to do Keto?

Some people have broken this mindset and reached a very good combination of these 2 opposite diets. They have compromised a meal plan which can fit both Vegetarian and Keto.

What is Meant by Keto Vegetarian Diet?

 It’s the same as the standard Keto Diet but without Meat and sometimes fish. People who decided to eat vegetarian don’t eat foods from animal sources which means meat, chicken, and fish meals are not included in their diets. They just can use sources of proteins like eggs and diaries.

Keto Diet is already a strict kind of diet so being vegetarian besides being on Keto Diet means you will just need to do more plans to reach a suitable meal plan that suits your preferences by knowing the sources of fats and proteins which can be used in your diet.

Sources of Fats in Keto Vegetarian Diet:

Let’s first agree on the idea that fats are the main macronutrient you consume in the Keto Diet, as it represents about 70% of your total calorie intake. The sources of fats should be coming from healthy and natural sources. For example:

  • Avocado Oil: It’s a very important source of unsaturated fats and it can be used for cooking and frying.
  • Avocado: It’s a healthy full of fat, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants fruit. You can add it to your omelet or even to your salad. 
  • MCT Oil: This oil is derived from coconut oil. It’s a medium-chain triglyceride that goes directly to the lives to produce Ketone bodies which enhances your ketosis state. You can add it to your morning coffee to provide you with extra energy and you can use it, especially before starting a workout since it helps to improve exercise performance.
  • Olive Oil: One of the most healthy, easy to get oil. This oil works as a protection against heart diseases since it contains many antioxidants, which makes it very important to be included in your meals. You can drizzle it on your salad or cook with it but under low heat.
  • Coconut Oil: This delicious fat source you can use in baking or making fat bombs. It’s a source of fat that is extremely useful for the body, skin, and hair. 
  • Grass-fed full-fat dairy products: You can find lots of delicious sources of this kind of fat like butter, cheese, and cream to add to your meal plan to complete your required quantity of fat intake.

Sources of Proteins in Keto Vegetarian Diet:

Originally Standard Keto Diet includes a large amount of protein but since the vegetarian meal plan doesn’t include animal protein sources, here you can find other sources of protein. Having the required amount of protein is really important to take care of in order not to fall short of protein in Keto Vegetarian Diet which may lead to burning your muscles and body tissues leaving you for a week and low energy. 

Sources of proteins are as follows:

  • Eggs: adding eggs to your vegetarian meal plan is very important as it’s full of proteins, and have a high level of natural benefits.
  • Full Fat Dairy: Grass-fed full-fat dairy like cheese (especially Paneer cheese), butter, Greek yogurt, and cream are great sources of fats as well as protein. 
  • Tofu: Those few diets which include Tofu are very, Keto Diet is one of them. Tofu is a low-carb nutrient that is fine to be used as a plant-based protein.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Take care while using nuts since as well as they are full of proteins and also they contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates, so don’t over-consume them. For example:

          You can find 15g of protein in 50g of pumpkin seeds.

          While you can find 11g of protein in 50g of pistachios.

          There is 21g of protein in 50g of almonds.

           Also, you can find 19g of protein in 50g of sunflower seeds.

  • Protein Powder: Reaching the required amount of protein intake every day is really important for your body so you can consider drinking a protein shake as a supplement every day. The best types of protein powders to choose from are grass-fed whey protein and organic pea protein isolate.

Some tips for following Keto Vegetarian Diet:

If you are a vegetarian and you are about to start a Keto Diet plan then you should know it will be a little bit challenging and harder to hit your target of macro and micronutrients.

Here are some tips which you can follow to help you through the day:

  • Have a sufficient amount of protein: including eggs in your breakfast, having a protein shake, and having some nuts or seeds can help you a lot to reach your daily required amount of protein intake.
  • Choose healthy and natural sources of fat: When you choose healthy saturated fats it helps your body to well absorb the soluble-fat vitamins more efficiently.
  • Have enough amount of vegetables: this will provide your body with microfibers and healthy micronutrients which will give your body enough power and improves your health. 


Monitoring your diet and nutrient intake will keep you more energetic and concentrating which are the main goals of the Keto Diet. So if you are going for a plant-based diet whether for religious or ethical reasons, it may be a little bit more challenging but the results are worth this effort.